Art-Act: The Uncanny Valley


Interactive video installation
May 20th  – June 6th

Project Description

Following  Journée Paroles et Manœuvres : Playdown, the interactive video installations The Uncanny Valley and Revolustar are presented at Skol until June 6th.

The Uncanny Valley
At the crossroads of artificial intelligence, robotics, psychology and the unconscious, Art-Act’s The Uncanny Valley is a non-linear and navigable narrative dealing with a subject rarely examined outside of science fiction: androids. The Uncanny Valley is a hybrid between film and video game, a narrative that unfolds with a certain degree of randomness and engages the spectator in a face to face confrontation with an android, posing the question of what distinguishes us as humans in our relationships with individuality, the artificial, and life itself. Over the course of the viewer’s experience of the piece, it is both the robot and the spectator’s psyches that are brought to the fore. However, a successful sequencing of the plot depends chiefly on the effective execution of simple tasks imposed by the robot. Through the interplay of predetermined operations, activation sequences, play and manipulation, it is paradoxically a relationship of dependance that emerges.

Credits: a Oudeis production, with the aid of Yann Sinic and the RECRéA network.
Development: Philippe Bonnet-Doring.

Revolustar reinterprets the Singstar video-game by introducing a new repertory of revolutionary songs, which remains for the most part unknown while having played a founding role in history. The lyrics, often very violent towards power, recall a past which is less and less taught, as it is the case for the Commune of Paris episode.

With the support of Région Languedoc-Roussillon (FR) and in coproduction with l’AADN (FR).