Journée Paroles et Manoeuvres: Playdown

Special Event
Sunday May 18th, 2pm to 7pm

Journée Paroles et Manoeuvres

In the spirit of exchange and reflection, Skol invites the public to participate in Journées Paroles et Manœuvres. A cross-disciplinary meeting of interventions, conferences, performances, and discussions, this event aims to inverse roles, to encourage collaboration between different types of expertise, and to support hybrid forms
 of communication. Les Journées Paroles et Manœuvres is an opportunity to take time, together, through and across various forms and ideas.


As part of Physical/ité-Biennale internationale d’art numérique, Skol presents a program that takes a critical look at the relationships between the digital, the industry and the market through sounds, images and words.

For a while it seemed to me that it was movement that was important. For a while it seemed to me that it was gesture that was important. For a while it seemed to me that it was the action that was important. For a while it seemed to me that it was the result that was important.
– The android, excerpt of The Uncanny Valley, by Art-Act.



2:00pm The Uncanny Valley and Revolustar, two interactive video installations by


These two installations are conceived from the structure of a video game. They explore the paradoxical relationships of power and dependence which arise between the artificial and the living.

2:30pm Conference, Créativité et espace urbain, quelques réflexions sur le Quartier des spectacles, by Josianne Poirier

The plaza areas recently created around the Place des Arts raise many issues, including the choice of artistic disciplines and the type of artworks selected to “liven up” these public spaces. In the Quartier des spectacles, are we to witness just that, a long and incessant spectacle? And will this spectacle have any message to impart, other than the promotion of its own corporate image?

3:30pm Conference, Jouer les cordes, by Art-Act

The conference will reflect this duo’s artistic practice, at the crossroads of art, the digital, hacking and activism, in order to stimulate critical thinking of the world through the reappropriation of technological issues.

As artists, curators and theorists, this duo sees the permeability between art and technology as a field of action for thwarting and restaging conventions of representation and use. They accumulate fields of expertise, identities and technical know-how, adapting themselves to different codes and languages with the goal of better bending and playing with them, ultimately in order to “reinvent everyday life”, as Michel de Certeau puts it.

4:30pm Concert/performance, Le Fruit Vert and Sabrina Ratté

A malleable project composed of two musicians (andrea-jane Cornell and Marie-Douce St-Jacques) and one video artist (Sabrina Ratté). The trio performs dense sound and video atmospheres composed of hidden voices, noise, and profound spectacular landscapes.