Journée Paroles et Manœuvres : Sur le démoniaque

Special Event
Saturday April 5, 2:30pm

Project Description

In the spirit of exchange and reflection, Skol invites the public to participate in Journées Paroles et Manœuvres. A cross-disciplinary meeting of interventions, conferences, performances, and discussions, this event aims to inverse roles, to encourage collaboration between different types of expertise, and to support hybrid forms of communication. Les Journées Paroles et Manœuvres is an opportunity to take time, together, through and across various forms and ideas.

Sur le démoniaque

The demonic refuses that which it foresees as being able to provide it with too much good, something that would thus compel it to extend its own limits, to be a broader living being, a being more full of life, and thus more exposed. We have been educated to always quickly turn back to structures already-explored and already known (though of an unbeknownst knowledge). But the return to structures is the return to that which is already individuated, to the “purely” individuated, and, as Simondon puts it, the only “pure” individual is a dead one. – Bernard Aspe

2:30 Video Sur le principe de négation by Noémi McComber

In her drawings, videos, photos, urban interventions and performances, Noémi McComber examines how the individual reacts when faced with physical and social constraints. While considering the implicit rules that regulate all sites of the social, she aims to reformulate the space that a person, a group or an entity can occupy.

At Skol, she will be presenting the video Sur le principe de négation (single-channel video, 2012, duration: 4:33).

3:00 Conference, Sortir des alternatives infernales, Edith Brunette and Clément de Gaulejac

The art milieu, which is currently undergoing a rapid and drastic reorganization of its modes of funding and functioning, has remained remarkably quiet in the face of this programmed erosion of its own autonomy of action, creation and organization. In order to break out of this silence, we believe it necessary to first bypass the hellish options that the ideology of consensus presents to us. Is it possible to conceive of a public space outside the notion of “the general public”? How do we get past the false debate between art’s autonomy and its social engagement that the both the left and the right are trying to corner us with? It is important to remember that “political” art is not art that serves the state, and that there exists a “third way” between the rejection of institutions and the excessive respect for their demands. Our presentation is an invitation to reflect, together, on the possibilities of this third way.

4:00 Performance by Julie Andrée T.

Situating space and the body at the heart of her research, Julie Andrée T. produces installations and performances. Between the poetic and the everyday, her work proposes shared abstract zones that nevertheless remain recognizable, setting apart and investigating interrogations that are both cultural and existential.

The artist will be presenting a new performance at Skol.

4:45 Conference, Autour du démoniaque, François  Lemieux et Érik Bordeleau 

The anxiety experienced when faced with the good is thus nothing but the anxiety felt before freedom… the demonic aims to intensify non-freedom, as a guarantee that from now on there is no way out, not even the hope of a way out. If freedom is that which broadens, the demonic is that which, within us, desires to return to narrowness, and the straightjacket it entails. This narrowness should not be confused with withdrawal into individuality – it can also be experienced (as is often the case) within a group, as long as transindividual relationships are not permitted, or are at least kept to a minimum. – Bernard Aspe

Lemieux and Bordeleau’s conference will survey the terrain opened up by Bernard Aspe, with the goal of detecting the varieties of cunning gratification elicited by the demonic within a group, and to consider actions and ethical games to fight against them.

5:30 Book launch, Les Cordons de la bourse, by Clément de Gaulejac

Publisher: La mauvaise tête 

“The raw material for Les Cordons de la bourse (The Purse-Strings of the Stock Market) is made up of media reports on financial and stock exchange activity, the permanent double bind of managerial commandeering that extols the virtues of excellence, austerity, aggressive lucidity and voluntary blindness all at once. My goal was to bring to the fore the absurdity of this language so impoverished that it loses its power of meaning. I did not however set out to make a pedagogically-oriented book, nor to explain this ideological and linguistic drift. Not only would I have been incapable of doing so, but I had the feeling that nowadays understanding this drift is less important than fighting against it. We should perhaps analyze and try to understand these discourses, but in this book my goal is to rather make visible what they do to us; how they enter into and wear us down.” – de Gaulejac