Emi Honda: Wasted – Growing – Space


October 12 – November 10, 2007
Artist’s talk + Elfin Saddle concert (indie/folk/experimental pop duo featuring Emi Honda and partner Jordan Mckenzie) on Saturday November 3 at 2pm

Project description

With Wasted – Growing – Space, Emi Honda creates immersive installation environments comprised of found objects, live beings (plants Honda herself has grown from seeds) and still other object/beings that are caught somewhere in the middle of transforming into something else. With her exhibition in Skol’s two main galleries, it is life and its regenerative processes that Honda longs to bring into being within the deadened city spaces and its run off material. Crumbling buildings and other urban sites seem left in decrepitude to their own devices. Given their circumstances of dumb neglect, this does not encompass much. Honda is troubled by the lack of real decay allowed to occur amid the detritus of outmoded retail outlets or abandoned dwellings. Smashed as these spaces are into fragments of brick, concrete and dust, waiting to be reborn as condos, the dead just getting deader.

With her installation, Honda seeks to correct these accumulating mistakes by reinserting life back into the rubble of urban spaces through combining fantastical sculptures based upon the highly versatile life forms of slime moulds (slime moulds feed on microorganisms in decaying plant matter, moving from one space to the next to find the ideal conditions to grow in) with various inanimate flotsam and jetsam Honda collects throughout the city of Montreal. The sculptures themselves are also made from re-purposed found objects, garage sale cast-offs and other marvels Honda finds left unwanted by the curbside. Here, Honda’s extraordinary sculptural creatures of highly adaptable life forms will be symbolically mixed with urban waste in order to encourage, by association, these deadened objects to make their way back into the regeneration process by quite literally rotting their way back to life.

In Skol’s ongoing desire to create opportunities for artists to work together, some members of the 2007-2008 programming committee have been invited to play an active part in the exhibition production process. Thus, due to their shared interest in the lives of things, artist Tricia Middleton has teamed up with Emi Honda.


1. Elfin Saddle (on MySpace)