Tricia Middleton: The Woods


March 4 – April 2, 2005

Project Description

In a forest at night, we get lost but are sometimes able to find our way. Tricia Middleton invites viewers to experience her evocation of the woods, filled as it is with eclectic references to literature and cinema. Through her installations in which she re-creates nature, resembling cinematic decor that took a wrong turn, Middleton explores the origin of things. Shifting from order to chaos, irony and nostalgia, Middleton’s forest is far removed from an untouched and ideal nature.

To create a synergy of effects in her installations, Middleton explores the limits of sculpture, painting, video and architecture. The multitude of post-industrial materials (products of our wasteful society) are assembled in piles of re-used materials forming parodic objects almost at the point of decomposition. In this way, an otherwordly vision of romanticism is compromised by the abundance of objects and our ambivalence to overconsumption.