Tribute to François Morelli — A Skol and Artexte co-presentation

Exhibition and performance workshop at Skol : November 15th – December 15th, 2018.

Lecture at Artexte: November 28th, 5:30 p.m.

Closing event at Skol: December 15th, 2:00 p.m.


As François Morellli prepares to retire from his position of professor at Concordia University, Skol and Artexte wish to pay tribute to the pedagogical work of this leading figure of Action Art in Québec.

Through the presentation of a lecture and an exhibition-laboratory that echoes the notions of passage, movement, and transformation inherent in the artist’s work, this event underscores Morelli’s contributions to the Montreal arts community, while insisting on his vibrant artistic practice and his continued pedagogical practice beyond the institution.


Exhibition and performance workshop

As an artist and educator who has left his mark on the Montreal arts scene, Morelli has pursued a trans-disciplinary practice since 1976, incorporating drawing, installation, performance, printmaking and sculpture. At Skol, he creates an experimental space based on the fluidity of relations between process and dissemination as well as between his pedagogical and artistic approaches.

During his exhibition, Morelli gives a workshop to fifteen members of Skol. The workshop is part personal study and part group work. On weekdays, works produced by the group are exhibited at Skol. Every Saturday, all members of the group meet in the gallery and share the state of their research through drawing, in a session that is open to the public.


Conference at Artexte 

Indeterminacy and Possibility: a dialogue between François and Didier Morelli

This evolving conversation between artists François Morelli (father) and Didier Morelli (son) will unfold around key subjects from François Morelli’s four-decade art career. While remaining faithful to a spirit of intergenerational collaboration and open in regard to their own personal relationship, father and son will revisit François Morelli’s artistic journey and seek to identify throughout it connections between art practice, living art, mobility, teaching and fatherhood.


Photo : Guy L’Heureux