November 10th – December 17th, 2016

Project description

Kelly Andres’s installation is an inquiry regarding ecological entanglements between objects and individuals, between human and nonhuman actors in a perpetual drama that unfolds around speculative futures.

The artist’s work intermingles ecology and energies; from living cellular species such as plants and micro-organisms; from electronic mediums such as radio waves, electrons, and photons, into forms of interactive installations and performances for specific social and geophysical sites. Her current research-creation PhD project is focused on critical plant studies and new materialism, exploring plant to human relationships through concepts such as extraterrestrial gardening, rogue “systems” and autonomous environments, edibles and performance, and rapid prototyping with dynamic materials.

The Ancestry of Objects is a live-set or performative installation featuring a series of video animations captured, rendered and animated in time-lapse, a series of wall-sized drawings, and a number of sculptural props. Four video animations develop over the duration of the exhibition where the sets and backdrops slowly change, enacting and capturing a series of narratives that occasionally invite visitors to interact or become part of the unfolding events in four chapters; Ontologies of the Sublime, the 3-3-Day-Wars, Year of the Chimera, and Revelations and Hyperobjectivity.

Photo: Guy L’Heureux