Ras le Bol: Round Table


Round table
Friday, April 25th, 6:30 pm

Participants : Fortner Anderson, Éric Le Coguiec, Martine Viale
Mediator : Ève Dorais

Project Description

How can we avoid the standardization of artistic practices within our milieu?

An improvised discussion between three guest speakers with critical views on institutional and artistic conventions who will address the issue of how to avoid the “formatting” that seems to be more and more present in the art world. How has this standardization of art practices come about?  Because of the professionalization of artists? University art schools? The peer acceptance-based grant-awarding system? Are expressions of revolt even possible in this context? Can we still expect artists to develop unique practices, to have original discourses, to shock us, to destabilize and surprise us? Must interesting artistic careers deviate from the usual paths that are laid out, both educationally and professionally? If so, what are the potential consequences?

The speakers, some with an autodidactic bent, will feed the discussion by sharing their personal experiences in various art contexts, often far from the center of the contemporary art milieu.