Group exhibition: Ras le bol

Group exhibition

April 18th to May 17
Opening and performances Friday April 18, 5:30pm


Bobo Boutin, Isabelle Guimond, Whitney Lafleur, Isabelle Mathieu, Kristin Nelson, Aurélien Monsarrat Chanon, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa

For the exhibition Ras le bol, curator Ève Dorais took her inspiration from the punk movement, via one of the works in the exhibition: The Soiled Queen (God Save the Queen) by Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa. The exhibition thus gives voice to a brute energy, youthful practices, at once strong and fragile, or that exist outside of the conventional frameworks of contemporary art.

“There is certainly no lack of reasons to be angry and discouraged by thestate of the world and the future of humanity. But how does this indignation take form within a given artistic practice? Ras le bol is developed around this question, and brings together artists whose works express being generally disheartened and fed up with certain realities. Far from adopting contemplative, formalist, self-referential or timid approaches when faced with subjects that go beyond art for art’s sake, the artists presented in Ras le bol assert themselves, observe the world, communicate their feelings, point out aberrations, and stand firm in their social roots.” – Dorais

 Performance schedule :

On the menu: a blurring of the lines between the world of art and the world of boxing (Mathieu), absentminded and eclectic hairstyling (Lafleur), a critical gesture bearing on the history of colonisation (Ramirez-Figueroa), and a total shake up (Bobo Boutin).

5 :30pm Doors open

5 :50pm Word from the curator and launch of publication

6 :00pm Isabelle Mathieu

6 :00pm and 7:20pm Whitney Lafleur

6 :30pm  Naufus Ramirez Figueroa

8 :00pm Bobo Boutin