Sandy Plotnikoff & Maura Doyle: 2003


January 11 – February 8, 2003

Project Description

Of all of the factors which condition our daily lives, money is surely one of the most important, for artists as for anybody who doesn’t enjoy a regular or comfortable income. As a contemporary measure of quality of life, buying power categorizes individuals and underlines the differences between social groups; the fight for survival is an ongoing concern for many.

For some years, Maura Doyle has been collecting, among other things, money. Not the money which interests numismatic experts, but the kind we earn and spend everyday; her collection, like our assets, is thus constantly mutating. Sandy Plotnikoff, for his part, makes objects to sell. They are often decorated with multicoloured snaps, and he will fix some wherever you want, on your clothes or elsewhere, to help you join to whoever -or whatever- you like.

Together, to inaugurate this year 2003, which is also the title of the show, they propose some of their collections: pins, buttons, clothes, CDs, bracelets; items of our daily lives, which we buy or trade. You will be able to shop at minimal costs, and our attendants will be there to help you make your choice.

Although the sale of these small items supplements the artists’ income, one shouldn’t look only at the mercantile aspect of these transactions. This economy of goods that circulate is here a metaphor of the exchange between individuals in our market-driven society, where a visit to the mall is at the heart of social life. It also raises the question of the merchandising of art and the growing concern for ‘the market’ within the art world, which is also submitted to the same driving forces.