Simon Brown : Questions posées en vue d’une réponse définitive II + Le réfrigérateur des miroirs

Intervention & publication

Winter 2013 (ongoing)
Collective performance on Saturday April 13 at 3pm

Project Description

(Questions posed in view of a definitive answer II)

Questions articulated by anonymous individuals are gathered into question boxes placed in various public spaces. After the collection period, the questions become the raw material for a performative text that will then become the topic of a small publication that will replace the usual exhibition catalogue. The artist will then use this text to develop a collective performance that will take place in the gallery on Saturday April 13 at 3pm.

This process is motivated by a desire to question the workings of an artistic gesture and the role of its author. Two interventions are set in motion: the author relinquishes his role to the other, the unknown recipient, and the latter’s gesture takes the form of a question, and not that of an utterance, as is usually the case.

The artist used these questions as raw material to develop a participatory text and sound intervention, which he describes as a “prototype for a psycho-artistic experiment choreographed around the cloud of necessary evils wherein the involvement of the public and the artist is important but mostly indiscernible.”