A proposal by Ariane Daoust : Grève de l’art?

Project description

Ariane Daoust is interested in the concept of Degrowth and its artistic potential. The exhibition Grève de l’art? offers a historical perspective on different art-strike propositions as well as their instigators. Daoust proposes a moment of reflection, and an opportunity to raise questions and to construct heuristic and theoretic potentialities.

The exhibition allows for a reflexion on the relevance, the meaning and the subversive potential of an art strike in the present socio-economical context. Would it be an incentive to escape the realities of this world? to modify them? Would it allow for a different comprehension of artistic practice and a different place for art in society?

Ariane Daoust turns Skol into a documentation centre, presenting a conceptual, theoretical and textual contributions that address these questions.


Interpretive resources provided by the artist

Art Strike Papers (http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/artstrik.htm)
Alytus Art Strike Biennale (http://www.3.alytusbiennial.com)


Photos: Guy L’Heureux