Caroline Demarchi: Emprunt


May 16 – June 15, 2012

Project Description

Archives are a partial representation of memory. Their material support subjected to the mutation of a physical object into a virtual one. The global circulation of artistic heritage prompts some art centres to share their data in near real time. How can we conceive the possible shaping of an archive that would meet criteria of authenticity and integrity for an event fixed in time and constrained by Net-speed virtuality, placing on-line data in a precarious balance where notions of fiction may imperil the preservation for our heritage ?

Caro(Line) examines the various writing procedures, their formal qualities, their contexts, and the instability of authorized forms. She circumvents, refines, hollows out, reduces, subverts, overturns, and shifts objects, words, forms, gestures with an inclination to maintain simplicity without limiting herself to particular mediums. Her experience as a research assistant in a general library in France and as a receptionist in a modern art gallery in Switzerland and of exhibiting in a New York gallery with eight other student artists led by art historian and professor Claire Viallat have prompted her to investigate the artwork’s environment— status, archives, dissemination, critical discourse, preservation—without which the source (the work) cannot exist.

She draws on the publication Ouvrir le Document by Anne Bénichou and on the Skol archives to try to produce a visual response to the foregrounded question: How do we insure the continued existence of a cultural heritage in motion?

Integrated into Skol’s organizational structure, this internship is part of artistic research begun in September 2011 around questions implemented by the exhibition Embracing the Archive and the publication Historique de Skol commenté by Yves Théoret.


1. View Demarchi’s piece.

2. Anne Bénichou, Ouvrir le Document, Les presses du réel, ISBN 978-2-84066-350-8.