Cristina Nuñez: Someone to Love

Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal – 12th presentation: Lucidity. Inward

September 9 – October 15, 2011
Opening + Artist’s Talk on Friday September 9 at 5 pm
Guided tour on Saturday October 1st at 3pm

Project Description

“Lucidity. Inwards Views  presents artists who flip the camera around toward themselves and conceive of photography as an introspective process, an opportunity for meditation, a mode of consciousness, even a means of revealing the unconscious. Their art becomes a realm where all the zones of human experience – bright, grey or dark – must be observed assiduously, appreciated, embraced. Their works thus less stand as images of lucidity than they convey a sincere desire to see clearly in the darkness”

Anne-Marie Ninacs
Guest Curator

In 1988, in an attempt to overcome personal problems, Cristina Nuñez began to take self-portraits in private. Giving shape to her emotions and revealing her presence to the world, enabling her to turn an uncompromising gaze upon herself, but also to project herself as she wanted to be, these images became a form of self-therapy through which she learned who she is. Someone to Love brings together for the first time the self-portraits that she made; The Self-Portrait Experience conversely shares with viewers her method of interior exploration. These two paths, through which Nuñez states with rare aplomb that “The existing separation between art and therapy is intolerable,” now form the focus of her art.



2. The exhibition Someone To Love will travel from Montreal to The Private Space Gallery, Barcelona in November 2012.