This exhibition includes a video translated into LSQ.


January 18th — March 30th, 2024

Opening: January 18th, at 5:00 pm

Artists: Samuel Bernier Cormier, Lauren Chipeur, Kuh Del Rosario, Xavier Orssaud, Elise Rasmussen

Project Description:

The artists of this exhibition are developing their practice based on archives, residues, and raw material. Their approach is similar to scientific research regarding the way they reuse, document and investigate their materials. Subject to a study between analysis and contemplation, this material then reveals hidden aspects of our relationship to the world. Both critical of the modernist notion of progress and engaged in scientific research, the artists gathered here are tracing incongruous paths to the encounter of the elements, residues and ruins that are composing the landscape.


*This exhibition is part of the Art Souterrain.


Image : In the Valley of the Moon, Still from 16mm film transferred to 4K (2022), photo: Elise Rasmussen