James Prior: Fishing with John James


January 14 – February 12, 2005
Artist’s Talk on Saturday January 15 at 3pm

Project Description

In the fictions that he dreams up, James Prior interprets reality and changes his appearance, drawing inspiration from feminist art and theory to undermine modern male stereotypes. Through themes of aging, love, and solitude, he mimics the photographic codes of family shots and documentary photography, revealing their hidden underpinnings.

An eminently masculine activity – fishing – supports the narrative being presented at Skol. Two friends’ fishing stories stretching over fifty years are told through photographs, a collection of found objects, and an audio and video installation – a chorus of outboard motors. This ritual of male culture is personified in the character of John James, an emblem for male standards of success and failure. Humour and nostalgia mingle in this reality-based fiction, the story of a real fisherman named George Riddell, who let the artist pick from his personal photo collection.