Jennifer Lefort & Jeanie Riddle: The Systematic Arrangement of Pretty and Other Accumulation


January 8 – February 7, 2004

Project Description

Over the past year Jennifer Lefort and Jeanie Riddle have been working with a challenging artistic practice—distance collaboration. The two painters have been working together to translate their pictoral interests into an installation context while one lives in Toronto and the other in Montreal. Skol now presents one completion of this dialogue using both gallery spaces to reveal the result of these compelling reflections on the relationship between painting, object and space. Although formal interests are at the root of these two young artists’ practice, it has been influenced by domestic and urban distractions, and some materials in the installation may refer to a narrative sketch. Their installation also underlines the idea that any work of art is conditioned by the context in which it is presented.

The floor of the large gallery, painted a new colour, becomes a field linking the three-dimensional elements on the ground to the interventions on the walls. These images bring to mind the process behind the whole piece. In a back and forth movement from the wall to the painted floor—passing by the objects—the installation combines different scales, suggesting that these movements also take place between the miniature and the gigantic.