Laurent Marissal: —NADA

— NADA no10, Revue-affiche, 13 numéros à paraître, impression numérique

Bulletin board

Fall 2012 & Winter 2013

Project Description

Skol is pleased to present an off-site project that will evolve over the course of the fall and winter season in the corridors of the Belgo building. Following his presentation at Skol for the project Gosser le furtif (Teasing the Furtive) in 2011, Laurent Marissal presents a bulletin board conceived as a mobile pictorial space that will serve as a presentation frame for the poster-magazine -NADA.

-NADA depicts the space that separates the painter from Canada (through actions, drawings, articles, invitations, etc). Examples of -NADA may be consulted at Skol and are available for download via our website.

Marissal’s first bulletin board was installed at the Musée Gustave Moreau during a series of actions conducted while the clandestine painter was employed as a security guard and union activist. The format was reprised at the Centre national de l’estampe et de l’art imprimé at Chatou, where it remained active for two years, and also at the Galerie Rachlin Lemarié, and the Galerie Interface in Dijon. The board enables a variety of furtive actions to occur (those of the artist, his accomplices, or actions he discovers within the urban space), all while giving the posted information a slightly cryptic or subversive form.

Furtiveness is characterized by its discretion, its vague classification, its volatile presence… Installed in the intermediate zone between the street and the gallery, the bulletin board, despite its administrative form and its apparent disorder, enables a display that does not alter these gestures. The display of the furtive gesture remains furtive itself.


Kata, ana. . . kanata. . .

A point on a sheet of paper has no dimension. A square has two: height, width. A cube three: height, width, depth. All of it swimming in a fourth dimension—time—conceived as either continuous or discontinuous, depending on the theory. It’s hard to imagine a fifth dimension. This dimension coordinates left, right, high, low, front, back, time, along with kata and ana, additional directions that enable us to view all sides of a cube simultaneously, along with cube past and cube to come—the hypercube.

The Franco-Canadian furtive actions Kata, ana. . . kanata are produced from this point of view, and it’s from this point of view that he must still paint the elastic space that separates me from Canada.