Matthieu Dumont: Haute Voltige


April 1st – May 1st, 2004

Project Description

Loving and sensitive octopi are playing together. Unaware of aesthetic, they enjoy their simplicity. Beautiful and proud, they wait for other small animals in search of love. When I saw these little sea creatures, I couldn’t prevent myself from shedding a tear. I immediately asked Geneviève to take a photograph of me. 

The first time I experienced the octopus was three months ago, while I was busy painting in my kitchen. A small painting had just emerged : a spray of fluorescent pink paint on a yellow background. Right then, I took my Lumocolor permanent 313 press + click pen, and I drew two perfectly round eyes on this patch that had been abstract to me. I then became overwhelmed by a sensation of well-being. The octopi! I had discovered more than a “mollusk that has eight muscular arms equipped with two rows of suckers”, says Webster’s dictionary. 

Finally! I am able to be moved.

The project presented by Matthieu Dumont in the large gallery at Skol takes into account studio work as an exhilarating practice. Anyone familiar with the previous production of this artist—and his ironic look at the art system and its distribution network—can’t help see the humour in his both sincere and (self-)derisory proposal.