Performance labs

August 24th, 2017 – at 6pm

Project description

Skol is very proud to present MULTITUDES performance labs, imagined and organised by Kamissa Ma Koïta.

These laboratories are initiated to gather students and emerging artists in an effort to share, (re)think and experiment with performance art. Participants are invited to discuss their practice and interests and to present a performance.

Whether it is to present a performance*, to participate in discussions, or simply observe, entrance is free and open to everyone.

Through the presentation of MULTITUDES Skol wishes to support work in progress in performance art. Don’t miss this first edition!

*If you wish to present a performance please contact Skol at

Considering the spontaneous and accessible aspect of this formula, we cannot offer fees to presenters and wish to make it clear that this is a laboratory space and not an exhibition context. We have thought long and hard about the ethics of this and are very open to further conversation.