Robyn Moody: TARDIS


January 11 – February 9, 2008
Opening on Friday January 11, 5pm
Worshop on Saturday January 12 at 1pm

Project Description

Robyn Moody has exhibited his innovative and whimsical work extensively within Canada along with projects realized in Amsterdam and Milan. For his exhibition at Skol he further plays with salvaged material, building up gadgetry that transcends their original disposable natures. TARDIS, an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, shares the name of the phone-booth time machine in the popular sci-fi program Doctor Who.  In this case Moody’s time-machine is a mechanically altered record player whose needle traverses a copy of Gustav Holst’s The Planets, endlessly skipping through tracks of time and space, from Mars to Jupiter. Within the main exhibition space a miniature cosmos is found. Constellation situates the viewer in an inky darkness dotted with a configuration of glowing lights who reveal themselves to be the celestial beacons that appear in our homes and offices after dark –  the softly pulsating Sleeping Mac, The Modem and The Printer and Scanner.   A full text on the exhibition by associate curator Chris Lloyd, can be read on-line.

Workshops: Calling all gizmologists, tinkerers, electronics aficionados, and kinetics enthusiasts for an afternoon workshop and discussion session with Robyn Moody. On Saturday January 12 from 1pm to 4pm Moody will offer an informal, instructive guide in the fine art of salvaging and re-shaping abandoned objects into musical devices. Bring a disused kitchen appliance, a broken toy, anything with motorized parts. Come with your junk (bring your own batteries, if required) and leave with a mechanical musical instrument of art.