November 5 – December 17, 2010
Opening on Saturday November 6 2010, 3pm
Artists’ Talk at 2pm

Project Description

Members’ exhibition exchange with artist-run centre PAVED in Saskatoon. Curator: David LaRiviere

In Haunt, artist Terry Billings casts images of wilderness onto suburban forms in a video treatment concerned with memory best expressed as an ever-changing dimension.

In his series entitled Nearly Every Building In Dawson, artist Scott Rogers attempts the absurd activity of documenting nearly every construction in Dawson city resulting in a complex representation.

The photographic documents and maquettes of Jordan Schwab entitled Stairway to nowhere draw attention to the poetic and critical potential of an in situ intervention featuring a three step stairway that leads to nowhere within the landscape of an ever expanding generic suburb.

In her photographic series entitled The Temptations of Doctor Antonio, artist Biliana Velkova exposes the codes and mecanisms employed in advertising in a feminist critique of the masculine construction of feminine identity.


Terry Billings

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Scott Rogers

1. Dawson City

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Jordan Schwab


Mr. PG
(unknown author)

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Biliana Velkova

1. My project was inspired by a short film by Federico Fellini entitled The Temptations of Dr. Antonio. Here is more information on the film: mondo70.blogspot.com

2. It is also inspired by 1950s “B” type Hollywood films such as The Attack of the 50’ Woman.

Attack of the 50ft Woman

3. I also took inspiration from old horror movie poster designs, such as the work of Saul Bass (saulbass.tv).

4. Here is a text by a Saskatoon art critic Bart Gazzola, that informs my project: bartgazzola.com