Viva! Art Action: Jacqueline van de Geer and Jean-Philippe Luckhurst-Cartier

Photo: Manoushka Larouche


Saturday October 10
Presented at Les ateliers Jean-Brillant

For the closing of Viva! Art Action, 8pm

During Skol’s summer residency, artists Jacqueline van de Geer and Jean-Phillippe Luckhurst-Cartier collaboratively elaborated a shared theme for their individual performances.

Jacqueline van de Geer

While researching the origin of street names in the area surrounding Les ateliers Jean-Brillant, Jacqueline van de Geer discovered Saint Rose of Lima and her world of suffering, devotion and ecstasy. Van de Geer subsequently developed her performance through an investigation of the world of sainthood, relics, modern-day icons, life and death in worship, and of the action in performance.

Jean-Philippe Luckhurst-Cartier

Rose-Groulx-Greene, Saint-Jacques et Donnacona is a performance based on toponymic and everyday-life research, taking the form of a living collage that is both precise and absurd, serious and playful. Drawing on an aesthetic of information, Luckhurst-Cartier aims to communicate, through actions and orality, knowledge relating to the geographic, historic and everyday contexts of the performance itself.

Photo: Paul Litherland