Performance / Zine

October  6th, 2017

Presented at Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant

Through a short summer residency, Skol facilitated the meeting of performance artist and editor Householder from Toronto with choreographer and author Lavoie-Marcus from Montreal. This intergenerational exchange between an immensely influential artist and a prolific young author is at the source of the work presented as part of the performance event Viva! Art Action.


Johanna Householder: Longing for the Chthulucene

Performance October 6th at 9pm

Birds are 60 million years old – by the Oligocene, 35 million years ago, most of the bird orders that we recognize today had appeared. Humans are less than half a million years old with behavioural modernity evident only 50,000 years ago. A little humility would be a good thing.


Catherine Lavoie-Marcus: Chainsaw: Theory and practice

Zine (bilingual and free) available during the festival at Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant 

Inspired by Johanna householder’s work, this zine presents a few clues for a prolific counter-usage of the chainsaw. Deviated from its normal usage or used by its victims, the chainsaw becomes an undetermined method for slicing : the master’s home, bad habits, the historical framework, pride, the real (the most cruel).


Photo: Henry Chan, LEGS, too in Toronto, October 3rd, 2015. Guy L’Heureux and Oriane A. Van Cappenolle