SKOOL 2017 – In theory: experimentation lab of the indisciplined body

Summer Research Residency

June 18th — July 29th, 2017

Rose de la Riva & Alegría Lemay-Gobeil

By transforming Skol into an exploration and learning venue, the program SKOOL provides resources for two students, who will be able to experiment with different forms of organization and programming, with the support of the centre’s team. For 6 weeks, in a studio context, they will develop a research project, taking charge of the communications and events. This summer, the artists Rose de la Riva & Alegría Lemay-Gobeil have been selected to work on their project In theory : experimentation lab of the indisciplined body.


SKOOL 2017, In theory: experimentation lab of the indisciplined body

In a back and forth between theoretical and performative researches, this experimentation lab suggests indiscipline as a remedy for intellectual discourses that subjugate the body. We wish to explore possibilities of agency, find ways of embodying political and philosophical conceptions that adress bodies as instruments of power. Our research will focus on two major points : furtive acts of indiscipline in the public space to construct alternative ways of using it, and hijacking erotism codes as a counterbalance to analytic, normative and invalidating discourses.

We think that performance can activate the subversive potential of bodies and establish tactics of resistance. Using an intuitive and subjective approach, our research process will materialize itself in Skol’s space. The collecting of annotations and actions will serve as a starting point for our exchanges with the public and the production of artefacts and video performances.



The laboratory will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursday, from 1 pm to 5 pm, or on demand via Additional opening hours will be anounced on SKOOL’s Facebook page.


Public activities

Video performance workshop : erotism, abject and agitation

July 8th, 5 pm – 8 pm

This workshop will be an exploration of the indisciplined body, using erotism as an ambiguous strategy of provocation and empowerment. Skol will be converted into a playground of installations that will host performative exercices and participants’ experimentations. For more informations:


Discussion : Can theory be indisciplined?

July 12th, 5 pm – 7 pm.

We invite the public to take part in a discussion about their own artistic work and research methods. When asking themselves if theory can be indisciplined, artists and researchers will be invited to analyze their relationship to theoric research within a studio or writing practice.



July 20th, 5 pm – 8:30 pm.

Public performance and presentation of our research results.


Photo: Rose de la Riva, Alegría Lemay-Gobeil, Catherine Goyette