September 8th — October 16th, 2021

Project description

Anxiety which keeps you awake all night long, which obstructs breathing, which precipitates thoughts and freezes actions; that which have become chronic anxiety can isolate you from the world. This anxiety that goes so far as to influence our perception of reality.

The installation Dormir d’un oeil explores this state through a collection of collages, photographs and objects crossed by a “disturbing strangeness”, highlighting the narrative and fictionalizing potential of anxiety. Elements created or found: fragments of life or fiction, failed works or downgraded archives, all these clues evoke potential dramas. They sketch the outlines of a story summoning certain codes and images reminiscent of horror cinema. Worry and anguish are seen there as filters casting a constant illusion of threat and danger on reality, modifying the perception of everyday life by injecting it with an intense imaginary and emotional charge. The narrative tension operates through sets of frames and veils; the use of failed images, little or not readable; cover-ups; and fragmentary texts. The installation Dormir d’un oeil evokes emotional states and personal memories through a body of objects and images that suggest dramatic events that are never revealed, that will remain forever mysterious, out of frame, inaccessible.



Geneviève Marois-Lefebvre lives and works in Frelighsburg in Montérégie. She is interested in subjectivity in the experience of reality as well as the role of narrative and images in human relationships, in the construction of identity and memory. His projects Les Événement (2015) and La surveillance du calme (2021) have received support from the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, and his works have been presented on several occasions during residencies, exhibitions and screenings. public in Canada, France, Scotland, the United States and Spain.