March 9th – April, 22nd, 2017

Barbara will be working in the gallery often throughout the exhibition. Come meet her!

You are invited to share a cup of tea and discuss with the artist on the Saturdays of March 18th and 25th and April 1st and 15th.

A closing event and group deinstall are planned for April 22nd, 2017 at 2pm!

Project description

In her work, Barbara Claus deals with memory, death and ephemerality. She explores the role of slowness in a world where everything seems to be exponentially accelerating. The performative dimension of my process occurs within the sphere of privacy. Marks accumulate in layers, and through their many forms, trace the contours of the little stories that meditatively emerge.  For this exhibition at Skol, she slowly puts into action a process of construction-deconstruction, using the gallery space itself as raw material.


The artist wishes to warmly thank: the Skol team for having accepted her in situ project, with all the unpredictability it entails; the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for the opportunity to create and research without anxiety; Pierre for his presence; Jean-Émile for his confidence; Ivan and Olivier for their technical help; my friends for being good listeners.

Photo: Guy L’Heureux