Performance by Francys Chenier

As part of the exhibition Regards situés (Situated gazes)

Project Description 

Assembling before us different narratives, materials and objects, Chenier creates a space for contemplation while composing with our idea of the landscape. Echo to the river, to the spring becoming summer, to that light that extends itself, to those skies presenting themselves before our eyes. Memory of that shimmer in our eyes. The place of the gesture and of the body « Le temps du paysage »* (the landscape time).

With texts by:

*Hélène Dorion (En audio), Le temps du paysage, Umbertide – Ombrie, Druide, 2016.

Marie UguayPoèmes – Poèmes en prose, Boréal, 2005. Je n’ai qu’une seule sauvagerie (p. 173)

Hélène DorionL’étreinte des vents, PUM, 2009. Les abeilles de l’invisible (p. 41)


Photo credit: Catherine Goyette