SKOOL 2013: The Centre for Feminist Pedagogy

Summer Research Residency

4 June – 13 August, 2013 (Facebook event)
In addition to one-off events, the CFP’s office will also be open to the public for questions/comments/interventions/proposals from Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 5 pm.

Project Description

Founded in 2012, the Centre for Feminist Pedagogy (CFP) is a space for open conversation and knowledge production, unencumbered by the financial constraints, program requirements and ideological limitations of traditional academic institutions. Taking feminism as a starting point, an invitation for debate, a challenge, and a fruitful exchange, the CFP provides the opportunity for collective and collaborative approaches to life and learning that are at once very serious and seriously funny.

Schedule of events:

WEDNESDAY JUNE 26th, 7:30pm | Screening of Gravity and Grace (1996) by Chris Kraus

But Gravity and Grace was just so unappealing. It was an amateur intellectual’s home video expanded to bulimic lengths.” Chris Kraus, Aliens & Anorexia

Skirting around the lives of two eponymous prostitute-performance artists, a disillusioned women in her 40s, and a doomsday cult, Gravity and Grace is Chris Kraus’s final effort as a filmmaker and only feature-length film. It’s failure later became the context of her second novel, Aliens and Anorexia (2001). The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Maryse Larivière.

FRIDAY JULY 5th – SATURDAY JULY 6th, noon – noon | Master Class – Kunst with Kameras: The History of Feminist Video

Master Classes condense the content of a regular university seminar course into a 24-hour period of collaborative study, reading, watching, laughter, learning, watching, eating, drinking, and play. Participants are welcome to come for the entire program, stay for a few hours, or come and go as you please. This Master Class will present a survey of feminist video art from the 1970s to the present day.

FRIDAY JULY 19th – SATURDAY JULY 20, noon – noon | Master Class – Feminism with Teeth: Bruce Nauman and Détournement in 24 Hours.

During this Master Class we will learn by doing. Participants will take turns recreating Bruce Nauman’s studio performances while studying the theory and practice of détourmenment in modern and contemporary art.

WEDNESDAY JULY 31st, 6:30 pm | Nous nous raconterons…(Facebook event)

An evening of conversations, screenings, and performances with Kate Zambreno*, Siân Evans, and Maryse Larivière on confessional, capriciousness, and re-imagining ‘the personal is political’

*Kate Zambreno will join us by Skype

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 7th, CANCELLED | L’esthétique du montage – “The Re-Cut”: Editing workshop with Monique Moumblow 

In this experimental workshop, Moumblow will explore montage aesthetics by inviting participants to recut “Liabilities Part 2” – a Hi- 8 video shot by the artist in 1993 that was never successfully completed.

FRIDAY AUGUST 9th and SATURDAY AUGUST 10th | La mise à mort: Feminisms and/as Institutional Critique

A 2-DAY EVENT looking at the legacies of the conceptual, relational, and research-based practices that have held sway over the past few decades.

FRIDAY AUGUST 9th, 7pm | Screening of Maso et Miso vont en bateau (1976) by Les Insomuses.

In the 1970s, feminist collectives in France turned to video as an urgent, DIY, tool for political critique, exploiting its affinities with other televisual media to interrogate sexism in French culture.  A wide-reaching and hilarious parody of masochism and misogyny in the news coverage of the UN’s “Year of Women,” Maso et Miso vont en bateau turns TV against itself.

SATURDAY AUGUST 10th, 3pm| This Feminist Situation

A friendly détournement of Tino Seghal. Drawing indiscriminately from questions raised over the course of our residency, submitted by gallery visitors, CFP participants, and collected online, players and the public will discuss and debate a range of topics related to feminism, contemporary art, institutional critique.

SATURDAY AUGUST 10th, 8pm | DANCE PARTY: “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution”

In the spirit of feminist anarchist Emma Goldman, the CFP is ending it’s summer residency at Skol with a DANCE PARTY. With special guests The Love Hangover (DJ Lesbian Menace & DJ Satin Ally), Mistah, comedian Carson K Pinch, and DJ Husband, and more. Come dance, laugh, revolt with us! The Party is free and open to all. All proceeds from liquor sales will support Skol.
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